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Biblically Grounded, Clinically Informed Virtual Counseling

Anchored Hope practically helps those hurting by anchoring their hope in Jesus and gaining a better understanding of his promises. We offer reputable, biblical counsel to those suffering or experiencing difficult seasons.


Anchored Hope offers Christ-centered, theologically driven counseling that understands the human condition through God’s Word.

Clinically Informed

Anchored Hope seeks to be clinically informed in order to best communicate and care for all clients.

Compassionate Care

We aim to offer compassionate care that addresses a person’s heart and to find tangible solutions to navigating life in a fallen world in Christlike ways.

Highly Trained

Our counselors are highly trained and bring vast experience in addressing the various issues of life. We are happy to work in conjunction with medical professional for clients with physical issues.

Executive Leadership

Organizational Team

Counselor Care Team

Board of Directors