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We are searching for skilled Biblical counselors to provide pastoral counseling via our online counseling platform. Counselors must have a strong knowledge of the Bible, excellent people skills in addition to the required education/certification as defined below. Using our online platform, counselors can create their own schedule, choosing times and locations that are convenient for them. A counselor will work as a 1099 self-employed contractor. The rate of pay will be between 55%-70% of the session fee ($80-$90), depending on their level of experience, education, and case-load.


  • You must meet one of the following requirements

  • You must be able to provide a copy of $1,000,000/1,000,000 minimum in an processional liability insurance, which can be obtained after being accepted as an Anchored Hope counselor, but must be provided before you can begin working with Anchored Hope Biblical Counseling. Anchored Hope will help guide you through the process of getting liability insurance.

  • You must have your own computer, computer camera, smartphone, and strong internet connection.


  • Diagnose counselees root beliefs and help them establish and believe a Biblical worldview.

  • Create effective treatment plans.

  • Work with your counselees’ to develop Biblical goals.

  • Educate with appropriate coping mechanisms to help counselees’ through tough situations.

  • Record the counselees’ session progress and change their treatment plan when needed.

  • Counselors can choose to counsel via:

    • (1) “Traditional Counseling”

    • (2) “Counseling Anytime”

    • (3) Combination of “Traditional Counseling” and “Counseling Anytime”

    • See our Services & Fees page for more information about our counseling options

  • Counselors are expected to work 45 weeks of the year and maintain a case load of approximately 6-12 sessions/subscriptions per week. Counselors who average more than 12 sessions/subscriptions per week are eligible for bonuses.

  • If counselors choose the “Counseling Anytime” platform, counselors will:

    • When appropriate, counselors will keep pastor, small group leaders, or other shepherds informed about the counseling process or even (with the counselee’s permission) inviting them to be part of the counseling sessions.

    • Encourage and hold counselees accountable to attending church weekly.

    • Encourage counselees to commit to regularly attending a small group.

    • Encourage counselees to serve in the church and/or community.

    • Help counselees to develop a regular practice of reflecting on Jesus and the Gospel in their everyday life through daily devotional time.

    • Help counselees apply what they’ve been learning in their counseling sessions to their relationships and service in the church.

Character Qualities:

  • Excellent Communication Skills

  • Good Listener

  • Empathetic

  • Problem Solver

  • Strong Interpersonal Skills

  • Self Aware

*Currently we are unable to accept applications from Licensed Counselors due to the variation of State Regulations.