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On this episode of This vs. That, we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Dani Treweek.

Joining us from Sydney, Australia, Dani is a renowned Christian theological researcher, author, speaker, and the founding director of Single Minded Ministry. We discuss her work, which focuses on exploring God's purposes for singleness and equipping Christians.

Throughout our discussion, we touch on the intricacies of singleness within the church and the societal pressures that surround it. We also address the gendered experiences of singleness and the challenges that come with it.

Finally, Dani provides insightful perspectives on celibacy and sexual stewardship within the Christian faith. This episode offers much-needed conversation for both single and married listeners.

Resources Mentioned:

  • Single Minded Ministry – A parachurch ministry focused on exploring God's purposes for singleness and equipping Christians. It features a resource library with extensive materials on singleness and related topics, available at
  • Seven Myths About Singleness – A book by Sam Allberry that challenges common misconceptions about singleness, offering a biblical perspective that affirms the value and importance of singleness in the Christian life.


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