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Anchored Hope – Gift Cards

An Anchored Hope Gift Card can be a great gift idea! It is a positive way to encourage someone you know and care about, who has opened up and shared with you, a personal and troubling concern they are facing in their life that you may feel unqualified to address. Offering a solution is a wonderful way to show that you care.  We all have the desire to be understood and be shown understanding, without judgment. We sometimes need encouragement from others to be reminded that we can experience joy and contentment if our hope is anchored in Jesus.

What do can you do? Keep reading to learn some tips on how to have the right conversation with the one you care about before giving them a counseling gift card.

Familiar with Anchored Hope Biblical Counseling? Share Your Experience!

Before offering an Anchored Hope gift card, share your personal experience and impact of how you have been helped. Recommend a counselor that you have worked with, and share how Biblical counseling has helped you. Make it clear that you are a fellow sinner and sufferer who has benefited (or may still be benefiting) from some extra help. You want to identify with the recipient of the gift card, asking them to join you in anchoring their hope in Jesus no matter what situation they may be experiencing.

Use “I” Language and Avoid too Much “You” Language

Avoid saying things like, “It seems like you needed help. You should use this gift card.”

We recommend saying something like, “I love you and I thought this Anchored Hope gift card might help during this tough time with your grief… your divorce… your memories of abuse…”

“You” language can sound judgmental or patronizing in situations like this. “I” language takes some pressure off and makes it easier as you seek to relate with feelings of concern for the person, rather than judgments or assumptions.

Explain How Biblical Counseling “is” for everyone

Everyone can benefit from Biblical counseling; you don’t have to be going through a difficult time. Biblical counseling helps to strengthen faith and the understanding of ones identity as a child of God, to truly experience hope, contentment, and purpose. It is also an opportunity to prepare oneself for unexpected trials, being anchored in the hope of Jesus and His promises. Let the recipient know he or she is an extra special gift to you, and that is why you are giving them this special gift of counseling.

You Care About This Person — End of Story

That brings us to our last point: above all else, you care about this person! Sending cards, texts, getting together for a cup of coffee are important and can be a great source of encouragement, yet they may only bring happiness in the moment. Joy that can go beyond the moment, and healing that can have a lasting impact can happen when discovering and addressing the root of the hurt and applying Biblical principals with the help of an Anchored Hope Biblical Counselor.

Give the Gift of Counseling