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In this episode we introduce This vs. That, a podcast where we look at what we think and why we think it.

Our first episode launches April, 5th. So be sure to subscribe above and get every episode delivered directly to your favorite podcast app.




[00:00:00] Brian: Welcome to This vs. That, a podcast of Anchored Hope. I’m Brian Walker. I am the Director of Counselor Development for Anchored Hope. And I’m here with Rebekah Hannah, who is the Executive Director of Anchored Hope. And we are so excited to introduce you to this new podcast. And invite you in and to invite guests in to share in this conversation with us. 


[00:00:19] Bekah, tell us what is This vs. That about? What’s the main goal of this podcast? 


[00:00:25] Rebekah: This vs. That, is about what we think and why we think it. Because how we think really determines how we function in life, our actions, and how we feel. 


[00:00:36] What we think is really what we believe. And so to really distinguish between these two different ideas, these topics that we’ve come up with, really helps people understand how they’re functioning, why they’re functioning, and how we can grow and what we’re believing, thinking, , feeling, all those things. This is really a way for people to listen in on our conversations that we have as counselors and pastors and writers and teachers.


[00:01:02] And it’s an invitation to listen in on great discussions that we get to have all the time. But now we wanna make it where everyone can listen in. 


[00:01:10] Brian: Yeah, and we believe that these conversations are more beneficial when we have them in community, right? So inviting people in who bring particular aspects of wisdom to bear in the conversation.


[00:01:21] You’ll hear from many people throughout this season, who we just loved learning from and talking with, people like Brad Hambrick, who talked with us about manipulation versus influence. Courtney Moore, who talked about diligence versus workaholism. Our friend, Ronnie Martin who talked about self-awareness versus naval gazing, (kind of that overly introspective, approach to, self-reflection.)


[00:01:43] We’ve had great conversations with Melissa Krueger and Jonathan Holmes and Deepak Reju and so we are so excited for you to be able to join this conversation with us. Bekah, who should be listening to this podcast? Who is this podcast for? 


[00:01:56] Rebekah: Yeah, this podcast is really for everyone. It’s more about the topics that you might be interested in and they’re gonna be interesting to moms, they’re gonna be interesting to students, and pastors, and anyone who is getting counseling at Anchored Hope for sure. But really, it’s a podcast for everyone because no one is excluded from having to deal with these topics. 


[00:02:19] So everyone understands, that there is a degree of anxiety or worry in their life. Everyone has friendships in their life. Everyone has to determine whether they are leaning into God’s sovereignty or they’re just being positive for positivity’s sake. So this is a podcast for everyone and everybody should listen to it because the distinctions that we’re making in these conversations really help you understand how you’re functioning in your day-to-day life.


[00:02:46] Brian: Yeah. And so it’s really important for us to think carefully and wisely in light of God’s word, right? Like we, we are always using the scriptures as the lens through which we, understand and interpret these issues that can be complex, can have some gray areas to them, and yet the light of God’s word provides wisdom.


[00:03:04] I think of Psalm 36, which says, in your light do we see light. And we really want to bring the light of the gospel and the light of scripture to bear on these conversations that can sometimes be confusing. And so, we invite you in. We are excited to do this. We’re excited for our sponsors who will be joining us this season.


[00:03:24] And, Bekah, any last words in terms of why people should listen? 


[00:03:28] Rebekah: I don’t, but if you have a topic that you’re interested in that looks like we should juxtapose them against each other, please send it our way.


[00:03:36] We have a couple of different topics that we will be continuing. We have three different seasons that we’ll be launching, and you can begin listening in April to the podcast. We want you to like the podcast and love the podcast, and share the podcast and subscribe to the podcast. And, by doing that, you will, be helping others join in on this important conversation.


[00:03:58] Brian: Thanks so much. We’re excited. We can’t wait to get started.

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