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Our partner program

Imagine having a counselor who is an expert in grief work, another who specializes in marriage/family issues, and another who is an expert in domestic violence on your staff as well as other counselors who specialize in other areas.  That is exactly what Anchored Hope would like to do for your church or organization. We also have counselors who have extensive experience assisting those with depression, anxiety, sexual addiction, and vast array of other area. 

At Anchored Hope we understand that the vast need for counseling can take its toll on leaders, so we would like to join with you in carrying that weight. 

Our Partner Program gives churches, as well as other community outreach organizations an opportunity to join with us so that individuals do not have to carry their heavy burdens alone, yet the pastor/leaders are not overwhelmed with counseling duties. The counselors at Anchored Hope would be delighted to walk with those who are hurting that you refer.

We offer specialized biblically sound counselors who will care for the spiritual and emotional needs of your parishioners or clients. 


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the Benefits of partnership

  • Specialized counseling for your clients without the cost of an extensive counseling staff.

  • Eases the counseling burden on your staff for greater focus on other duties.

  • Gives your clients the opportunity to seek counseling for sensitive issues, which may be difficult to discuss with someone whom they see on a regular basis.

  • Your referrals receive 40% off of counseling fees.

    • That means that your referrals receive Traditional Counseling, which is normally $80 per session for a discounted price of $48 or Anytime Counseling which is normally $90 per week for only $54 per week.

    • At Anchored Hope we believe that the monetary investment made by the counselee shows a strong commitment to change, and it allows AHBC to continue to provide sound biblical counsel for those who may otherwise not be able to afford it.


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Level One

Refer up to 10 Counselees with

A maximum of 100 sessions per year

Annual Cost of $2,500.

Value of $3200 per year.

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Level two

Refer up to 25 Counselees with

A maximum of 250 sessions per year

Annual Cost of $5,000.

Value of $8,000 per year.


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Level three

Refer up to 50 Counselees with

A maximum of 500 sessions per year

Annual Cost of $7,500.

Value of $16,000 per year.


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Level four

Refer up to 75 Counselees with

A maximum of 750 sessions per year

Annual Cost of $10,000.

Value of $24,000 per year.


For example, if you chose to begin partnering with us at Level One.  Your organization could refer 10 counselees to us within the course of a year.  These ten individuals would receive a 40% discount per session.  The counselee may use this discount code for up to 10 sessions. You may make referrals with the 40% off code until your church or organization has been granted 100 discounted sessions in that year. Don’t worry about keeping track because we will update you quarterly regarding the number of sessions that your ministry has left.

*Prices are subject to change.


  • Add to that value 10 free consultation sessions to assist your staff with difficult counseling situations, which are not referred to us. This gives an additional $800 value.

  • We encourage clients to maintain three systems of support. Studies show that one of the best approaches to counseling rests in this model. Each of the following support systems plays its own part.








Anchored Hope Counselors use a noncompetitive approach

Our counselors

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the details of partnership

We recommend the following levels for the size of you congregation or community outreach. 

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For example, at level one the monthly cost that would enable your clients to receive specialized counseling and consultations for your leaders would be less than $210 per month. 


·       Some have suggested a mercy or deacon fund, which would allow the body of Christ to help individuals carry these heavy burdens. Plus, partnership gives support the leadership of your church or organization, which will allow them to focus on tasks that are more particular to your area of service.

·       Using our counselors will never create a competitive atmosphere for those who you have referred, since our counselors live throughout the United States.

·       Membership renews annually on June 1st of each year.

·       Annual fees will be prorated to accommodate those joining at other points in the year.

·       Churches or organizations are updated on a quarterly basis regarding the number of sessions used and still available according to the level of partnership.

·       If your church or organization has used the maximum sessions before the end of the year, then we will be glad to aid in moving to the next level of membership.

steps to becoming a partner ministry







If you have questions, feel free to contact our counseling Ministries Administrative Director, here.

become a Ministry Partner

If you are a ministry leader interested in becoming part of Partner Program, please fill out the form below and someone from our office will contact you. We are happy to answer all of your questions about the program, and guide you through the simple steps to enroll.


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