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Partnership Program

We are here for you and those you serve

Access quality counseling services with packages customized based on your organization’s need.


Client Care Coordination

Whether you are a church, ministry or employer, caring for people inside your organization is paramount. By partnering with Anchored Hope, your organization provides resources for the what you care most about: your people. Anchored Hope does not replace the local church or in-person community, instead it is an incredible supplement to support all ministries.

  • We encourage clients to be vital participants in their local church and to develop Christ centered relationships. 

  • When appropriate and permission from the client, we consult with church leaders to provide appropriate and confidential updates on goals and challenges. 

  • When helpful and with a client’s permission, we allow advocates from their church or organization to be part of counseling so that they are in turn better equipped to care for them. 

Cost Sharing 

Anchored Hope recognizes counseling costs can add up. But when all parties work together, it can become a viable ministry for everyone. Each partner can play a financial role, as described below.

Church, Ministry and Employee Partners Options

  • Underwrite all session costs.

    • Determine how many sessions would be needed for a 12-month period. An organization anticipates how many individuals or couples will need counseling and then purchases those sessions. 

    • Flexibility to add additional sessions throughout the year as needed.

  • Underwrite a percentage of session costs.  

    • The organization acts as a health insurer by covering a portion of costs. Our counselors report to your organization for oversight and care coordination. 

  • Allocate sessions to individuals as you see fit.

Anchored Hope

  • Based on the number of sessions a church purchases over a 12-month period, we will offer a discounted rate off the standard $80 per session fee.


  • Pay the remaining out of pocket costs for each session, unless a church or other ministry entity decides to underwrite 100 percent of the costs.  


  • Customized packages based on the organizations needs.

  • Cost savings – your referrals receive discounts off our standard counseling session fees.

  • Coordinated care with your organization, rather than passing someone off. 

  • Specialized counseling without the cost of an extensive counseling staff – our counselors cover a variety of specialty areas. 

  • Eases the counseling burden on your staff for greater focus on other duties.

  • Gives those you serve the opportunity to seek counseling for sensitive issues, which may be difficult to discuss with someone they see on a regular basis.

  • Ability to select from a variety of counselors.

  • Allows individuals to easily schedule their own appointments directly on our platform.

For any questions or to discuss a partnership plan that works best to meet youR needs, please contact or click the button below.